All players must wear trainers unless inclement weather dictates otherwise.  Blades and studded boots must not be worn unless sanctioned by the Organising Committee. Shin-pads, covered with socks, must be worn.


1.   All teams must register a maximum of 8 players on the tournament registration form, which must be handed in at the score tent prior to the commencement of play;


2. The retreat rule applies from the Under 7’s to Under 10’s age groups;


3. Substitutes are roll-on, roll-off and can be made at any time during the game at the referee’s discretion;


4.     A team cannot score directly from the kick-off;


5. Each game will last for 12 minutes, with stoppage time to be determined by the referee. In the event of a match progressing into extra-time (semi-final and final ties), 5 minutes shall be played one way.  If the match is still undecided after extra-time, the match will be determined by a penalty shoot-out (5 penalties followed by sudden death). During a penalty shootout, only the players on the pitch at the end of extra-time will be allowed to participate in the penalty shoot-out. No change of goalkeepers will be allowed;


6. During the league stage:

• 3 points will be awarded for a win;

• 2 points will be awarded for a scoring draw;

• 1 point will be awarded for a no-scoring draw;


7. All players in the Under 7 and Under 8 teams will receive a medal for their participation in the tournament;


8.         From Under 7’s upwards, two teams from each group will qualify to enter the semi-finals.  The winner of Group A will play the runner-up in Group B and vice-versa.  In the event of there being one group in a particular age group, the top four will go through to semi-finals where the winner of the group will play 4th place in one semi-final tie and 2nd and 3rd will compete in the other.  In the event of 3 leagues in a particular age group, there will be a quarter final stage, comprising of, the winner of each league, the runner up of each league, and the 2 teams best finishing third places, after that it will follow with a semi final stage, then a final.


9. The Goalkeeper will only be allowed to handle the ball in the penalty area.  Any player may enter and play the ball within the penalty area.  The Goalkeeper can leave the penalty area and will then be treated as a normal outfield player;


10. After catching/picking up the ball during open play, the Goalkeeper must play the ball to any player on his team by an under-arm throw along the ground, or any kick other than a drop kick/half volley.  When ball is in the Goalkeeper’s hand during open play, if the Goalkeeper decides to place the ball on the floor, it becomes live and can then be tackled by an opposition player.  Incorrect distribution of the ball when in the Goalkeeper’s hand (i.e. drop kick, half volley or any throw not played along the ground) will result in a direct free kick to the opposition, two yards outside the penalty area;


11. If the ball leaves the field of play for a goal-kick, the goalkeeper must distribute it via an under-arm throw along the floor;


12. A Goalkeeper will not be allowed to pick up a back-pass; if they do then a penalty kick will be awarded to the opposing team;


13. There shall be normal corner kicks.  Throw-ins must be completed by an under-arm roll-in along the ground;


14. There will be no height restrictions;


15. All free kicks are direct;


16. Defending players shall retreat 2 yards away from a free kick, at the discretion of the referee;


17. Group positions will be determined by:


i. The number of points accrued;

ii. Teams level on points will be separated by goal difference;

iii. Teams level on goal difference will be separated by the most number of goals scored;

iv. Teams level on goals scored will be separated by the result between the tied teams;

v. If the teams are still tied, group position will be determined by a penalty shootout;


18. The captain of the winning team will return the match card to the scorer’s tent at the end of the match;


19. Any player sent off will be reported to the Organising Committee and will take no further part in the remainder of the tournament.  He cannot be replaced by another representative of the club;


20. All decisions made by the organising committee are final and not open to appeal;


21. Fair Play is to be encouraged by officials, players and supporters of all clubs at all times;


22. No dogs allowed;


23. No smoking.