Andy Moncur, Tom Rampling, Harvey Newstead and Dario Mathewson; all members past and present of our Community Sports programme attended the annual Referees Association Conference, which took place over the weekend of 16th and 17th July. The event was organised by both the RA and the RAFA Youth Council.

On the Saturday they attended the practical side of the event. The events were ran by national tutors as well Premier League match officials, such as Lee Betts and Craig Pawson. The boys took videos of the session, which ranged from dealing with different scenarios as a fourth official, to dealing with mass confrontations, to movement on the pitch to aid your decision making.

On the Sunday there was a Presentation by David Elleray as well as revision of the Laws of the Game by Neale Barry. The boys were then split into teams and attended 3 different activities. The activities on offer were; Reading the Game, Communicating Decisions and Mental resilience. The activities again were led by FA tutors and Premier League match official’s such as Stephen Child, Lee Mason and Anthony Taylor. The boys also got the opportunity to speak to the Premier League officials after the sessions had taken place.

Overall the boys learnt lots and they’re looking forward to implementing the new information they’ve received into next season.