Together we can create better learning environments for young people across our local, sporting community. The Eastern Daily Press (EDP) have launched a fantastic new scheme in partnership with the Norfolk Community Foundation which enables youth clubs, playgroups, lunch clubs, scout or guide groups, healthcare clubs or any community group to pitch for funding to help build a better community project.

As we continue to grow and expand our operations the club is quickly outgrowing and outpacing the rate at which local infrastructure is able to support all of our members within the Parish of Horsford. Therefore we are actively engaging in planning and fundraising opportunities to improve the facilities available within our local area so that it can benefit our members and other sporting groups around us.

The Community Chest is our first opportunity to secure funding that is going to enable us to improve the facilities, but in order to begin our journey we need to collect as many tokens as we can from the EDP. Each day tokens will be printed into the EDP that we need to collect in order to gain the opportunity to pitch our ideas to a group of ‘Dragons’ who will judge each project.

Please collect these tokens from inside your copy of the EDP each day and hand the tokens to your team coach, manager or member of the Horsford Youth Football Club Committee today, and together we can build a better learning environment for the young people of our local community.