Horsford Youth Football Club is approaching the Aviva Community Fund with a proposal to make significant and long overdue refurbishments and upgrades to our existing building situated on the Horsford Primary School site.

The prefabricated building was provided by Horsford Junior School in 2003 following a large reconstruction project to the site. The resulting mobile classrooms became available for sale. The school donated one unit to HYFC for free creating a long lasting working relationship between the school and the club.

The building is now in need of significant repairs to bring it up to a safe standard. In addition to these repairs the club plans to refurbish the building, changing the layout to accommodate for an open space used for coaching and community activities.

In addition to the building upgrades, appropriate signage will be added to the village to provide directions to the site and on site to provide directions to our facilities.

You can give us any of your 10 available votes by clicking here and creating an Aviva account. 

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